IMPORTANT! Please read: In compliance to the directives of NIGERIAN Communications Commission (NCC) that banned all Nigeria Telecom Operators from engaging in PROMOTIONS and other LOTTERIES, Our service providers has blacklisted some words/contents as SPAM and as such, messages contained same words or sender IDs will not be delivered. You are therefore advised to avoid same in the content of your messages for effective delivery. Find below the lists of SPAM FILTERING RESTRICTIONS from our service providers.

1. The following sender IDs are banned on our platform:

GLO, FBI, CIA, EFCC, DHL, LaCasera@, @, GTBBANK@?, , DHL@, UbaBank@, LaCasera@, GLO, FBI, CIA, EFCC, NOKIA, GTBANK, GLO, FBI, CIA, EFCC, First Bank, GTBank, MTN, MTN N, LACASERA, NOKIA, FEDEXNG, +MTNN, 2O13REWARD, +CBN, CBN, EquityBank, ++MTNN,  ++CBN,  HOP, 00, ++MTN, +++MTNN, ++++MTNN, MTN0ffer, MTNCustomer, CustomerMTN, ++++MTNN, MTNHYUND, HYUNDAIMTN,  Customer, Winner, PromoAward, REWARD, MTN', MTNNG, MTN'NG, MTN'NG, MTN', MTN', CASH0FFER, MTN', MTN'NG, GLO', Glo', CASH0FFER', I8O, 'MTN', I80, CUSTCARE, CALLCENTRE@, LaCasera@10, ++CBNAlert, MEGASPLASH, FirstBankk@, ++MtnMega, etb,  SKYEBANK, +equitybank, LaCasera@13, ECOBANK, ++etb, +131, DHLNG, M!T!NNG, GIo, , CBN!, GTBanks, GTBanks, 121, 0101, GL0, +GLO, +GL0, DANGOTEGROUP, Fidelitybk, STERLINBANK, ##GLO, +GLONG, +#GLO, +GLOR2S, +GLOR2S, +AirteI, UBA, +MTNNG, +MTNNG, Agip, ++MTNNG, MINOFEDUC, RomEmbAbj, Copart, ++180, AlRTEL, 180, paypalusa, 18O, LASUES, CAPA'SMEN, FIRSTALERT, DHLAbuja, AUCHIPOLY, GIoNG, auchi poly, GLONg, CAPA'SMEN, MISAUCHI, CAPA'SMEN, Yahoo, fidelitybank, globonus, Glopromo, UNIZIK, UNN

Also, avoid the following in your Sender ID
1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, &, _, -, %, $, #, @, !, +, =, FBI,CIA,Interpol, Facebook, samsung, orange, sony, Nokia, tecno

If you use any of these Sender IDs, our system will replace it with 'Fraud-419'

2. The following words are banned from your bulk SMS content on our platform:

c0ngratulati0ns, pr0m0, w0n, call, congratulations, promo, won call, pr0m0, w0n, prom0, w0n, pr0mo, w0n call, promo won call, 

hurray w0n call, hurray won call, won prize call, w0n prize call, pr0m0 prize call, prom0 prize call, pr0mo prize call, auchi poly, 

offer, congrats, win, wow

If you use any of these words, your messages 'may or not delivered'.

They are all banned to prevent the activities of scammers who are both detrimental to us and to our end users. Please take note as we will NOT be held

responsible if your bulk SMS aren’t delivered.

NOTE: The above banned words are constantly updated. So the ones listed on this page are by no means exhaustive.


Dear Customer,

MTN has automatically subscribed many users to the D-N-D service. This means many of your MTN recipients will not be able to get your messages because D-N-D has been activated on their lines. Unfortunately, many of the MTN users do not know that their lines have been activated for D-N-D. Therefore, it  is necessary for you to orientate your users about their D-N-D status.

MTN users are advised to confirm the status of their lines by sending “STATUS” to 2442. If the service is NOT active, the user can choose to activate the service or not but in case the service is automatically active and the user is not comfortable with it, follow these procedures to unsubscribe.

1. Send STOP to 2442

2. Send ALLOW to 2442

Please note that whenever D-N-D is active on a line, the line will not be able to receive any message sent through bulk SMS platfrom.